Why Consider the Evoke Low-code Platform for Future App Development? – Part 1

1. You have a backlog of requests for new applications. It’s easy for MultiValue developers to create new desktop applications when they have the time. If management is looking for new applications that include mobile and/or web applications, the complexities begin to increase exponentially. Do the MV developers have the necessary skill sets? Will the company invest in training those MV developers? If not does the company hire new developers with those skill sets or will it be less expensive to have an outside service company develop the new apps? The ability for a MultiValue IT team to deliver new applications is based upon available time, budgets and skill sets!

2. The MultiValue legacy applications that run the business are rock solid, almost! In many organizations the need to update the legacy code is constant. Many legacy applications need new features. Maintaining the old code while adding new code to include the new features leads to errors commonly called “bugs” and those bugs need to be fixed – and the cycle continues! Talented MultiValue developers do not develop, they maintain and fix. Studies have shown that IT spends almost 80% of their time reading old code and maintaining those legacy applications (Appian Weekly) and little time on the new stuff.

3. The MultiValue developer talent pool is shrinking. Add to that is the requirement for MultiValue developers to keep pace with the changing technologies being offered by the MultiValue database vendors. Those technologies however do little to integrate with technologies from the SQL AND NoSQL world.

Evoke from BlueFinity International creates new applications anywhere from 5 to 20 times faster than hand coding leading to less backlog for new apps – development time goes from weeks to days, months to weeks (sometimes days) and years to months! Evoke allows MultiValue developers to create mobile, web and desktop apps using point and click, drag and drop methodologies. Apps created by the Evoke low-code platform are easy to maintain and modify – the SQL world calls that agile software development. MultiValue developers become more productive and technologically savvy. Young developers want to be involved with MultiValue because the resulting Evoke code is everything they learned in school! The Evoke low-code platform delivers apps costing significantly less than hand coded ones with low cost maintenance for applications over the lifetime of the app and that make the finance department very happy!!!