Eight reasons to use low-code development platforms

The growth in app usage over the past couple of years has been phenomenal.

According to mobile data and analytics firm App Annie[i] consumers are expected to spend $120 billion in app stores in 2019. This spending is expected to be five times the growth rate of the global economy.

Interestingly, App Annie highlights that 65 percent of total global downloads are non-game apps with social and communications apps, subscription apps, retail shopping and peer to peer shopping apps seeing huge growth.

The ability for businesses to create apps quickly and easily using low-code development platforms means that virtually any business can create a professionally looking app these days, without employing expert developers.

We’re seeing more customers using our low-code platform Evoke to build apps for all areas in their business. From CRM apps that help the sales team, to companies using apps to stock take or manage their inventory on the move, through to resource management and online banking and so much more.

According to the latest analyst report from Forrester, there are eight top reasons why firms are adopting low-code platforms. These are:

1. Supporting product or service innovation

2. Empowering the IT department to deliver apps

3. Enabling employees outside of IT to deliver apps

4. Making the process of app development more efficient

5. To develop apps more quickly

6. To reduce costs of app development

7. To increase the number of people that develop apps

8. To develop unique apps for specific business needs

Low-code platforms are enabling companies to develop apps to transform their business, support their future growth and ensure they remain competitive.

Our low-code solution, Evoke, offers a revolutionary way to deliver the best possible user experience across all devices and platforms without developers having to learn separate sets of tools and skills for each. One design will work for all devices.

If you want to find out more about how Evoke can help your company build apps quickly and cost effectively using your existing staff, then take a look at one of our videos which explains how it works.

[i] https://www.zdnet.com/article/app-economy-expected-to-be-120-billion-in-2019-as-small-screen-leads-digital-transformation-efforts/