If I have a website, does my business need an app?

This is a question we’re sometimes asked by companies deliberating if they need a business app when they have a perfectly good website.

Although a good website can provide a seamless way of doing business with a company, it often simply provides a means of keeping up with competitors offering a similar service or product.

On the other hand, apps can generate more sales, new customers and  additional revenue and give businesses of all kinds a competitive edge.

According to The Economist, there will be 20 billion mobile devices by 2020, so demand for mobile apps will continue to rise. There is huge potential for business for companies who create compelling mobile apps.

Here are some of our top reasons for building business apps.

  1. Creating an app with your logo that is downloaded onto your customer’s smart phone, can make it the ‘go to’ place for them to do business.
  2. An app can be configured to provide a personalised service for different customers. This can enhance the customer service they receive and help to build loyalty.
  3. Making it easy, quick and convenient for customers to buy your products and services and repeat their orders will increase your sales and build customer loyalty.
  4. Apps can also be used for low cost marketing. You can send direct marketing messages to customers and announce new products offers or events. Because people carry their phones with them, they are far more likely to see the messages and possibly respond.
  5. You can set up an app  to still work when there is poor or no internet connection, which means customers can always access it wherever they are.
  6. The capabilities of an app are far greater than a website. Using an app, you can offer customers a much better level of service. Apps also ensure data integrity, they can integrate with mobile features (camera, phone, soft keyboard, etc), and support all kinds of different devices, while still ensuring data security.
  7. The right choice of app development environment can support small businesses even further, by providing support facilities such as chatbots. Using Chatbot technology business can provide customers with automated online support which will make them seem like a much larger business, without the need for them to employ additional staff.

There are so many advantages of using apps. If you are considering an app for your business, contact us to find out how our low code platform Evoke can help you create professional apps for your business quickly and cost effectively.