Security, Cloud, Web and MultiValue

Security, cloud, web and MultiValue, four words you thought you would never hear/see in the same sentence! MultiValue has a history of playing in its own sandbox then came the internet…

Evoke from BlueFinity International offers a comprehensive security solution for web, hybrid and native apps created by the Evoke low-code/no-code rapid app development platform. Evoke security supports inhouse, cloud and web-based apps for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows environments.

Evoke delivers a secure framework designed to protect data and apps from unauthorized access by using secure authentication techniques, user access control, encryption and other third-party security measures.

For web applications, Evoke uses an authentication system that requires the user to enter a username and password. This information is stored in a secure database protected from unauthorized access. In Addition, Evoke uses secure protocols such as HTTPS to ensure that data is encrypted in transit.

For native/mobile apps, Evoke provides a secure authentication service that requires the user to provide a username and password. The authentication process is based upon secure protocols such as Transport Layer Security to ensure that data is encrypted in transit. Additionally, Evoke uses strong encryption algorithms to protect data stored on the device. There is also off-line data support for when the device has lost network contact (mobile network and/or Wi-Fi) that will resynchronize with the central data base when connectivity is re-established. And just in case a user is entering data into a mobile device and gets interrupted by a phone call, Evoke supports Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Mobile Process Lifetime Management (PLM).

Evoke supports the Azure/Active Directory (AD) to add a further layer of protection. The use of the Azure AD allows the developer to enable two-factor authentication by email, phone or text. The website will not be accessible unless authorization is successfully completed.

Evoke’s menu system offers access control to provide a completely unique app experience for each user based on their user group/level or data that is either entered or retrieved from the database.

Evoke includes a set of tools and services to help monitor and audit applications and data. This provides monitoring for security threats, auditing user access and providing alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

Apps developed by Evoke deliver a comprehensive security solution that provides safe authentication, encryption, and monitoring to protect data and apps from unauthorized access. For further protection, any third-party security solution supported by Microsoft can be added to Evoke created apps!