Everyone Uses Apps – You Can Even Create Them

MultiValue C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.) and technologists use apps all the time yet their companies almost never provide them to their marketplace. In the MultiValue world the technologist’s answer to apps is to create a web application or terminal emulation; those are not apps.

Mainstream C-level executives are always thinking about apps to enhance customer, employee and vendor experiences. They know apps increases profits. 

Looking at the MultiValue message boards there is zero postings about apps. The postings are about procedural programming, MultiValue functions and how to use them.  You know, questions that have been asked for the past 10 – 20 – 30 years with some exceptions like “How do I use JSON, can I use docker containers, what is MVIS, etc.”!

Remember that Evoke from BlueFinity allows MultiValue technologists and almost everyone else to create native and web apps that are as modern as any app on a phone, tablet or desktop. Creating apps with Evoke lets you integrate MV data and legacy code. You will be able to create apps exponentially faster than by long hand coding that is if you knew how to create apps using traditional methods. It means faster to market with lower development cost and easier enhancement and modification.

Forget the fact that Evoke from BlueFinity is the only low-code rapid app development platform supporting MultiValue as well as mainstream databases AND can include all in a single app.

Remember that Evoke allows anyone to create apps by using drag and drop, point and click and option select to generate single designs that adapt (displays differently) on mobile devices and desktops for Android, iOS, iMac and Windows platforms.

Forget the fact that you can include any industry standard technology supported by Microsoft without learning much about those industry standard technologies.

Remember that you can include technologies such as chatbots, AI, ChatGPT, graphs, signature panels, retail card views, component libraries and much, much more without becoming a specialist in those technologies.

Don’t forget that the software running in MultiValue is the heart of the enterprise BUT that the company requires more than procedural applications with graphical user interfaces. They require apps!

Remember, there is a shortage of qualified GUI developers needed to create modern apps; anyone including MultiValue technologists can create the most modern apps within weeks of learning Evoke!!!

Gartner states that “by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 70% of application development activity”; according to Forrester, the low-code market will experience hyper-growth with a forecast of 75% adoption among developers’ shops for software development.

Extrapolating from above, within the next few years all apps will be developed using low-code development platforms. Evoke from BlueFinity is a low-code rapid app development platform that supports MultiValue and mainstream databases.

You can become a “star”, creating apps for your company that will increase customer loyalty, improve employee morale, grow profits while doing it with less cost. You might even save MultiValue.