Eliminate Confusion in Choosing a Low-Code/No-Code Development Platform for the MultiValue Database!

There is no need for confusion, there is only one Low-code/No-Code (LCNC) Platform that supports the MultiValue database, Evoke from BlueFinity International!

Why do you want to use a LCNC platform anyway? How about:

  • Application modernization
    • A low risk way to add modern UI to greenscreen applications
    • Deliver value and innovation to the the old legacy system by front-ending it with modern customer and employee facing apps
    • Extend MV applications’ lifeline
  • Lower development costs
  • Cut into technical debt
  • Faster time to market, manageable, reliable
  • Great ROI
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Agility – ability to quickly change apps based upon changes to market and customer behavior as well as technology changes
  • Solves the technical shortage problem
    • Create mobile and desktop apps without knowing anything about creating mobile and desktop apps
  • Design apps once and have it run on most devices
  • Move to the cloud
  • Digital, digital, digital!

Evoke supports MultiValue, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and other database platforms. Evoke supports Android, iOS, Linux, MACOS and Windows operating environments. Evoke lets the developer design once and deploy to most mobile and desktop devices and operating environments. Evoke created apps adapt to each digital device based upon the device’s real estate (size) as well as device culture; i.e., Apple devices display differently from Android and Window devices.

Companies using mainstream databases are aware of the documented benefits of LCNC development. MultiValue company management please take note, according to Forrester and Gartner, current and future app creation is and will be driven by LCNC platforms. Mainstream companies using Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and other databases have been moving to LCNC development for the past seven years. The management of companies using MultiValue are now moving forward with low-code development because they have investigated and are amazed at the benefits. The list of benefits is substantial, from agility to lower development costs to decreased time to market to increased sales and market-share. Here is a list containing more of the benefits Evoke provides:

Rapid and flexible development

  • Development time is a fraction of using traditional coding techniques and methodologies. Faster time to market means the creation and deployment of apps in days not weeks, weeks not months, months not years
  • Creates scalable app solutions with built in security
  • Easy to learn drag & drop, point & click and option select structure with an extensive library of widgets, components, adaptations and features
  • Simple, easy and quick UI design
  • Supports the deployment and optimization of apps to watches, phones, tablets, TVs and desktops from a single Evoke design and code base
  • Evoke provides the option to generate and go live with “ready to deploy” web, hybrid and native apps on any mobile or desktop operating system
  • integrates MultiValue with any SQL/Oracle database and/or enterprise system.
  • Single developers or development teams can work cooperatively on app designs
  • Offline database support built into native apps
  • Built in PDF generation
  • email integration
  • File upload/download
  • Chatbots
  • Camera integration
    • QR code and barcode
    • Images
  • Barcode reader device integration

Extensive and inclusive Support

  • Extensive on-line support to assist with all stages of development. All provided as part of the Evoke Developer License (environment reviews, training, Q&A assistance, app reviews etc.)
  • Constantly updated on-line context sensitive help available as well as training videos
  • BlueFinity ensures that apps created by Evoke are fully compatible with the latest new releases of devices, device types, operating systems and databases

No limit to development possibilities

  • Evoke creates a Microsoft centric solution that allows the inclusion of existing DataBasic, Python, COBOL (plus other languages) subroutines and new code as well as component libraries and other 3rd party software into an integrated app. Anything supported by Microsoft Visual Studio can be included in an app!
  • Evoke will generate fully structured Visual Studio and VS-Xamarin solutions that contains 100% of the source code delivered to the developer’s computer
  • Standardized technologies and methodologies mean onward development is straight forward and there is less training required
  • Future-proof against technological advances
  • No proprietary lock-in
  • Integrates webservices such as Google maps plus AI and IoT
  • Creates shopping experiences similar to Amazon and Macy’s and…

Low cost and significant savings                                                                   

  • No significant upfront financial commitment
  • Low-cost monthly support charges begin only when the apps are deployed and live
  • No hidden charges – all support is inclusive
  • The LCNC method of creating apps provides for significant savings in development costs.
  • Amazing ROI

Here are some things that are unique to Evoke

  • 360-degree imaging with hotspots
  • Supports over 100 foreign languages for UI display
  • Conversion of an app from one supported language to another. For example, from English to Spanish or from Spanish to Japanese (Katakana) or Katakana to Hebrew with a single click and includes date and currency display based upon user login

If you are a software development house, consultant or VAR

  • Evoke provides multiple options;
    • Develop new apps for customers
    • Easy, faster and significantly less expensive modernization of legacy applications as compared to other offerings
    • License Evoke to customers for recurring revenue
  • Evoke creates a revenue stream through enhanced product sales and services

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