Companies that rely on the MultiValue (MV) development environment want to be just like the companies that rely on Oracle and SQL. They want an website that focuses on customers having a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices. They want their employees to work with applications that present a modern look and feel.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen retail giants like Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus declare bankruptcy while companies that focused on web selling grow in profitability and size. Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus and many others did not adjust to market conditions or their customers’ changing buying behaviors. Amazon took advantage of technologies, showed application development agility and reacted quickly to market conditions!

Why hasn’t most MV user companies taken advantage of today’s technologies to modernize and/or create new mobile apps? Company and IT managements’ perception is that it cannot be done without spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. They believe they do not have the internal resources necessary to do the job and they have been told it will take years to complete projects.

In order to remain competitive some MV companies have bitten the bullet and off-shored their development. They have created new apps and “modernized” the legacy applications but at what cost and how long the time to market?

I will bet that the majority of MV companies have not yet heard of low-code development! And it is it true that the vast majority of MV companies do not have the resources (personnel with the right skill set) to create new, modern desktop and mobile apps using RESTful Web Services. Developers will have to learn the new technologies. There may also be the need to engage outside consultants. Oh and since RESTful Web Services are “web” centric, how will Developers create native mobile and desktop apps where required?

According to Zip Recruiter the starting salary for a new college graduate with programming skills that include mobile creation knowledge is about $78,000 per year. As of 4 June 2021, there are 7,364+ open entry level mobile application developer Jobs within 25 miles of Chicago.

Here are some perceived objections as to why MV companies are reluctant to create new apps and modernize the legacy applications:

  • Resources
    • MV Developers do not have the technical knowledge to create new, modern look and feel apps on desktop and mobile devices
    • MV Developers do not have the technical knowledge to modernize legacy applications
  • Cost – Economics
    • Training a MV Developer in modern technologies takes time and removes them from the normal workload adding to IT debt
    • Outside consultancies are expensive
    • Hiring a mobility expert is expensive and that expert also needs to be trained in MV
  • Time to Market
    • New app and modernization development is a long process and by the time the apps are deployed market conditions and customer attitudes may have changed (example, the impact of Covid-19)
    • New technologies may have emerged that need to be added to the application further slowing deployment
  • Fear of Failure

Evoke from BlueFinity is a low-code development platform that answers all the objections for the creation of new desktop and mobile apps as well as the modernization of the legacy applications! MV Developers only need to worry about the design, not the technologies!

  • Resources
    • MV Developers do not require the technical knowledge or skills to create new modern look and feel apps for desktop and mobile devices because the Evoke designer guides them through the process
    • MV Developers do not require the technical knowledge and skills to modernize legacy applications because the Evoke designer guides them through the process
  • Cost – Economics
    • Evoke learning time is short. Developers can begin delivering new apps in a matter of weeks not months or years, same goes for modernizing the legacy applications
    • No need for outside consultancies or to hire mobile expertise. BlueFinity provides no- cost training and ongoing app reviews to ensure that app development is meeting the client’s expectations
  • Time to Market
    • Forrester, Gartner and Intellyx estimate low-code development time is up to 20 times faster than long hand coding. Develop once, deploy everywhere (an Evoke feature) shortens development times even more – no need to write a separate app for each device or operating environment
    • Modifications can quickly be made based upon changes in market conditions and customer behavior lowering maintenances costs as well – Agility
    • New technologies that are supported by Visual Studio can be added to an app
  • No More Fear of Failure

Over the years millions have been spent on developing and maintaining MultiValue based applications. Companies can now leverage those assets to create a strategy to modernize the old and create new apps that will increase sales, raise profitability as well as lower costs, gain new customers and increase customer loyalty driving increased customer sales.  Evoke’s low-code platform provides all that is necessary to create B2B and B2C mobile apps, modern desktop and web apps fully integrated with MultiValue databases. Evoke from BlueFinity is the only low-code development platform that supports the MultiValue database as well as Oracle and SQL. 

Now MV companies can be just like the companies that rely on the Oracle and SQL databases.