Evoke’s new Premium Support package will help companies create successful apps

More and more companies understand the value the right app can bring to their business, whether they use it internally or create it for their partners or customers.

An increasing number are also recognising that a low code app development environment could provide the best opportunity for them to create and deploy their desired app.

But what do they do next? How do companies select the right platform to confidently base the app development on?

And, just as importantly, how can companies ensure their chosen platform will provide everything they need to create and deploy a successful app?

The challenge facing most companies is that once they’ve evaluated and selected their chosen platform; there is the actual development process to consider. User training must always be provided, but we think that it is really important to go even further.

This is exactly what we’ve just done. We have combined our advanced Evoke Rapid App Development platform with an unrivalled level of support through the launch of our new Evoke Premium Support Package.

This package gives clients a comprehensive range of assistance sessions, which are designed to take a new Evoke user from the initial installation of the Evoke Developer through to the successful deployment of their first live app.

So what are the benefits?

In a nutshell, we help with the integration of the app builder into our customer’s existing systems environment and continue to support the developer throughout the app creation process, answering even the most incidental questions and explaining functionality during the process.

The Evoke Premium Support package always starts with an Environment Review, to make sure the app can access the chosen database(s), that it works properly on the chosen computer and there is nothing to hinder the development.

Live Person User Training is available to guide users through the creation of the first few screens and functions of the app. Our support only finishes when an app is ready to be deployed. Underlying this support is a comprehensive, context sensitive, user help system, written in plain English, which provides advice and guidance for users at every stage.

One of the most useful features for novice developers is our on call support. Experts from BlueFinity are available to answer questions about Evoke’s capabilities and techniques, helping users gain a full understanding of all its features and options.

We believe this is really important as sometimes developers just need to talk to someone directly who can help with specific requirements or obstacles they are encountering.

As a company’s experience level grows and they continue to develop apps using Evoke, we offer App Reviews to help customers with app design, optimization, and to use our advanced features.

In addition to the benefits above, we further support customers by offering value-based pricing. The developer license (which comprises everything needed to create apps) is available at a nominal fee.

Subscription fees are only payable when the app is deployed ‘live’, and when the client starts obtaining actual value from their new app. The Premium Support Package is included in the cost of the Evoke Developer License.

We believe this approach to pricing and support sends a clear message to our customers and partners that we have a shared interest in the deployment of successful apps.

To find out how Evoke can help your business create professional looking apps quickly and cost-effectively, click here. Or contact us with any questions or for a trial.