Software manufacturer Groware uses Evoke apps to solve customer inventory management challenges

As traditional software manufacturers look to develop apps to improve support for their customers, Bluefinity’s low-code Evoke platform is increasingly becoming a popular choice.

Canadian software specialists Groware is a good example.  As one of the leading providers of software to the grower and nursery markets, the Ontario-based company has an excellent reputation within its market and has been established for more than 30 years.

Last year, the company chose to improve the inventory management solutions for growers of trees and shrubs – and decided apps were the way forward.

Why mobile apps were needed

Constant plant growth has long presented an inventory challenge for growers.  To counter this, Groware had introduced handheld devices to help customers update tasks and stock take more easily in the field.  However, as most users were in rural areas with limited internet coverage, updates were rarely carried out real-time and the handheld devices needed to be synced later with other software. Inevitably, data inaccuracies would creep in.

Michael Heeney, Owner of Groware explains:

“We had provided several generations of software and handheld devices which improved accuracy, but they weren’t perfect. Customers needed real-time technology to enable truly accurate inventory management.  It was our goal to offer mobile apps to solve these issues.”

Why traditional app development wouldn’t work

Groware’s existing software had been created over many years and comprised of over one million lines of code and a substantial Oracle database.  Re-coding this would be both expensive and time consuming – and they didn’t have that timeframe.

The company looked at other rapid app development platforms, but they were too inflexible to work with Groware’s specific challenges and database libraries.  Bluefinity’s Evoke low-code app development platform is flexible enough to work with multiple database structures, including SQL and Multi-Value, which is not supported by most low code platforms.

Groware and Bluefinity’s Evoke platform were a perfect fit in many ways, providing a fast, cost effective solution to rural inventory management.  In just a few short months of working with Bluefinity, Groware launched beta mobile apps to rave customer reviews.

Michael says that the apps have delivered huge benefits for their customers:

“If someone is out in the field using the app to stock take, they can post live data and make adjustments in real time.  This enables far more accurate inventory management and our customers love it. It is improving the management of their operations and streamlining their processes.”

“Evoke isn’t limited to the handheld devices either.  It doesn’t need to be constantly internet based as it can provide for off line work, and fully automated synchronisation when connection is re-established. It also allows native apps to be created and that is very exciting for us.”

Groware now hopes to use Evoke to create apps for other parts of the business, and Michael describes the support from Bluefinity as ‘amazing’.

Michael continues:

“Bluefinity has worked closely with us to meet our specific requirements. The team has been constantly available and their sample libraries, apps and advice have been second to none – they have a very rare approach in the industry.”

Michael also praises how Evoke enables apps to be created and optimised for any device, delivering the right look and feel for different customers.  He says,

“Whether customers are using a desktop, handheld device, mobile phone or tablet, the apps can be automatically customised for each device so they look completely professional – this is brilliant.”

Additionally, Evoke has particular benefits for Groware’s customers – some of them have seasonal businesses, such as Christmas tree companies. As the subscription to Evoke is a user based monthly subscription, Evoke allows companies to use the platform to manage their business seasonally and only pay for the solution when they need it.

Michael has been so impressed, he now recommends Evoke to other contacts in the software industry.

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