Evoke is showcased to packed audience at Zumapalooza

Our Company Director Simon Theobald was a guest speaker at the prestigious Zumapalooza – the international technology education event of the year in Las Vegas.

Simon’s keynote presentation was on: “The Future of Creating Full Function Mainstream Mobile Business apps for all Multi-Value and SQL Applications.”

Demand for business apps is rocketing, he explained. Analysts Gartner predicts this demand will grow at least five times faster than the capacity of IT departments to deliver apps. Nearly half (42 per cent) of small businesses currently have a mobile app and 30 per cent plan to build one in the future. But, he said that the global IT skills crisis is not the only challenge.

Other barriers to development success include major time and cost constraints. There are also numerous technical challenges including developing apps for multiple mobile and desktop devices or producing apps that integrate with different back end systems and databases.

More companies are now turning to low or no code app development tools to build and deliver mobile and desktop apps quickly and cost effectively, using their internal teams.

Simon introduced Evoke, BlueFinity’s rapid app development platform, which is designed for the mainstream (SQL) market, but it will operate equally well for MultiValue.

Launched to the market last year, Evoke is the perfect solution for companies who want to design and deploy full function business apps for all major devices and platforms, using their existing in-house skills and expertise in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Evoke helps companies overcome key technical challenges in the mainstream and multi-value market. For example, in the multi-value market potential developers often need to combine source data from both multi-value databases and SQL within the same app and Evoke is the only mainstream app development platform able to manage source data from both types of databases.

Other benefits include Evoke’s single user interface WYSIGYG design, which enables professional business apps to be built for any device and operating system, with the right look and feel. Its familiar drop and drag options and point and click methodologies makes the design process intuitive. The platform uses industry standard technologies making it easy for developers to incorporate third party software as well as existing code and custom functions, using common languages such as C#, javascript, CSS and HTML.

Such features are helping companies around the world to build and deploy native, web or hybrid apps, for their customers, employees and partners.

Evoke also offers a long-term growth path potential, with no proprietary lock-in, and creates apps that can seamlessly respond to multiple operating system changes and adapt responsively to an ever-growing range of devices and screen sizes.

Bob Marcowitz, US Sales Manager, BlueFinity

The talk was very well received, and Bob Markowitz, US Sales Manager at BlueFinity from Chicago and Simon Theobald team were on hand in the Solution Lounge area throughout the conference to answer questions and respond to enquiries, alongside their international distributor partners Maverick and Ashwood from the USA, Uniware from Australia and Groware from Canada.

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